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The first independent web-platform for the rating of the environmental performance of products will be available from Fall 2017.

Consumers, manufacturers, retailers: eager to make the environmental performance a new decisive criterion for choosing products and a real lever for development and innovation?

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Great success for the first public presentation of the YuKan platform !


Great success for the first public presentation of the YuKan platform this wednesday July, the 5th 2017.

Around 30 very contributing players of the PEF pilot phase has discovered our unprecedented online platform and our vision.

Leading manufacturers, European professional organizations of industrials, leading resellers in their field, significant players in the sustainable development sector, representatives of member states of the EU, representatives of the European Commission and schools or universities were present with an active participation through some very structuring and relevant questions.

For this first Yukan public intervention, our objective was to assert a new approach of  operational exploitation of the new PEF European method, and its sectoral “PEFCR” developed under the pilot phase, as well as a new vision of its valorisation for manufacturers in terms of opportunity to optimize the environmental performance of their products.

This is what we believe to be the real challenge of the « Single Market for green product » initiative.

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